Service Station Design/Build


Functional, Appealing & In Compliance

From the bottom of a tank excavation to the top of a gas bar canopy, whether you need 4 pumps or 4 islands, and whether your motorists need WiFi, Tim Horton’s or a touchless car wash when they fill up, we deliver all of the services and expertise required for new service station construction, renovations or decommissioning projects in the retail gas industry.

Regardless of type or scope, every project requires care and thoughtful attention to detail. We’re able to give your project this level of focus with a full team of industry veterans and certified experts in-house—and it’s the same team who participates in all stages of your project from concept to completion and through estimating, design and construction. We value a job well done and strive to complete all projects at the highest levels of quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We partner with industry leaders such as Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Franklin Fueling Systems, Dresser Wayne, National Energy Equipment, Gateman Milloy and more to deliver the solutions you want, and to ensure your facility is appealing, functional and in compliance with the most current codes and environmental regulations governing the industry.

New Construction & Renovation Services:

  • Trenching
  • Installing aboveground storage tanks
  • Installing underground storage tanks
  • All underground and aboveground piping systems (gas and diesel)
  • All conduit and wiring for tank systems including all control wiring for tank gauging and fuel management
  • Removing ground frost
  • Gas bar canopy and sign lighting
  • Building additional site features (e.g., car wash, c-store, etc.)

Customer Success!
Modernizing Fueling Facilities at Lucknow Co-op

Construction digger

Decommissioning & Site Remediation Services

  • Removing aboveground storage tanks
  • Removing underground storage tank
  • Removing pumps and distribution lines
  • Recycling all steel lines
  • Excavating impacted soil and sampling of surrounding soil and water
  • Removing and disposing of contaminated soil, and replacing with uncontaminated soil

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