Service Station Maintenance

pumps2It matters to you and your customers that everything remains properly working. Protect your investments and reduce operating costs with our quality service and maintenance programs. Prolong the life of your fuel equipment and maximize equipment uptime for enhanced customer service, improved reliability and increased profitability.

We’re trained and certified in the latest fueling equipment standards to perform calibrations on pumps and cathodic tests on tanks. With expertise in explosion-proof electrical, we also service fuel monitoring systems, fuel dispensing equipment and intercoms to help ensure the safe and trouble-free performance of your service station operations. We can also meet all types of residential electrical needs.

Service & Maintenance:

  • Perform calibrations on fuel pumps to make sure they are functioning properly and dispensing at proper levels
  • Conduct cathodic testing on underground storage tanks to protect them from corrosion
  • Maintain code-compliant electrical wiring for fuel monitoring systems, retail fueling equipment and intercoms from the forecourt to the point of service inside
  • Meet code-compliant residential electrical requirements, including remodeling, knob and tube replacement, service upgrades, new construction, spas and hot tubs.

G.R. Wilfong is vigilant in upholding the latest industry safety standards to help you to maintain a safe work environment.

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