Modernizing Fuel Facilities at Lucknow District Co-operative

Lucknow District Co-operative is a dedicated provider of exceptional quality energy and lubricant products to commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers in rural Ontario. Whether customers require heat for their home, fuel for their car, or energy and lubricant products for their farm or business, they count on the best in quality, value and service from Lucknow’s Energy Department.

To better serve its customers, Lucknow wanted to create a bulk loading facility and upgrade its existing fueling. Lucknow was referred to G.R. Wilfong by another contractor in the petroleum industry who didn’t at the time have the capacity for a project the size of the co-op’s. G.R. Wilfong appealed to Lucknow for its lengthy experience in the industry and its track record of on time, on budget installations.

The scope of the Lucknow project encompassed the installation of five new fiberglass tanks complete with fiberglass piping and an underground pumping system. The system also included a new fuel management system as well as all associated electrical, which provided the storage required to support bulk fueling. The new tanks were also tied into Lucknow’s existing retail sales operations. In only five weeks, the new facilities were fully operational!

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